Jun 27, 2012



The other day I was sitting eating lunch. I looked out the kitchen window and saw 3 birds fluttering around my fern (they'd built a nest in it) and going crazy. A few seconds lately I looked and saw a big black snake slithering up the pergala post towards the fern and baby birds.

So what did I do? I grabbed my camera and went to take pictures!
You can see one bird on the rail.

Black Snake! He is big!

I started stomping around the deck trying to scare him away and he fell down, slithered under the grill and coiled himself under there for a while.

After calling several people, talking with my step-dad and animal control I finally got the courage to try to sweep him off the deck. But by then he had slowly slithered his way to the steps and was making his way down them S L O W L Y. I figured he was going and that was all that mattered and I didn't have to go near him. Now I'm just paranoid that I'll come across him while outside in the backyard. Yikes!

Photo Collage

Here's one more project I finished recently:

I was inspired by these photos:

So I made these:

I loved the clean minimalist design. I was tired of dusting all my frames. Plus they were always going crooked. And I wanted to add/change out pictures more easily then I could with frames. So this was the perfect solution.

I used this really good DIY to format the pictures.

Paper Fringe Canvas

I love these:

So I decided to make my own:
On my really big 60x60 inch canvas.

Here it is hanging on the wall.


It took quite a while to complete it. Plus it was quite messy too. Marc thinks its girly but I like the way it turned out. Next I'm going to make one of those centerpieces and/or a garland.

Jun 18, 2012

Water Babies

Can you tell...they had fun.

Jun 17, 2012

A Father's Day Dinner

We had a wonderful dinner tonight to celebrate Daddy's day. The funny thing is...I didn't cook it! Marc did the honors. (Is that bad?) Here's what it looked like:

Photos via Pinterest and here

Looks yummy huh? The Menu:

Here's how he did it:

Marinate leg thighs overnight in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, Italian parsley. Let meat come to room temperature before grilling.

Chimichurri Sauce - Puree a bunch of parsley, 5 garlic cloves, olive oil, red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. You can also add jalapeno to taste if you'd like. Athélie really likes this sauce and loved dipping her chicken in it tonight. 

Roasted Zucchini - marinate stripes of zucchini in olive oil, mustard, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Grill

Watermelon Aqua Fresca (adapted from Williams & Sonoma Entertaining cookbook). Puree ripe watermelon with lime juice, mint and sugar to taste. Let sit for 1 hour at room temperature for flavors to develop. Pour mixture through sieve and serve with tonic water and ice. We kicked ours up a notch by adding a bit of liquor as well. It is so refreshing and tasty.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Jun 16, 2012

Happy 16 Month Birthday Stas!

Happy 16 (months) on the 16th Stasiya!

She was quite serious today getting her picture taken. She didn't have her sister around to distract her. (I took her pictures while Daddy gave Taylee pigtails. She wanted him to do it - not me. Silly girl.)
Stasiya thinks she's a big girl now and that she can go down the stairs like a big person. At least she holds on to the railing, but it still makes me nervous. She is very careful and tries really hard. She likes to do things on her own.
She's Miss Independent. She's also been dubbed Miss Paci by Miss Taylee. And I'm Miss Mamma according to Athélie.
Stas really likes buckles these days. She figured out how to close them and wants to do it over and over and over again. (I'm the one who has to unbuckle them every time.) 
She also finally signs a few things! This is very exciting especially since she isn't talking yet. She signs milk. She loves her milk. And she signs Daddy which isn't really the sign for Daddy but more of a wave since that's what she does when she sees him and we talk about him. Two signs. It's amazing how communication occurs without talking or signs. There's a lot of grunting going on. And cries of course. But lots of giggles and squeals too.
She loves to color. Especially on walls and blinds and things she should not be coloring on. I'll have to work on that. She also likes to color on paper thankfully. Especially with markers. She thinks that tasting and coloring go hand in hand and that with every marker she opens she needs to see what that color tastes like. That makes for some interesting poop. I'll also have to work on that.
She gives the BEST kisses. And hugs. To me and Athélie and Daddy. She is a sweet baby girl and a sweet sister. She loooooooooves Taylee.
She is fascinated by the toilet and likes to wave bye (she'll actually say bye too) as we flush. Taylee doesn't like Stas to be in the bathroom while she does her business and Stas gets her feelings big time hurt every time. It is a big to do. But then, when Taylee is done. She gets to go in and wave and it makes her day. She get's so happy. The little things. A peek into her world.
She doesn't like loud noises.
She doesn't like strangers.
She loves raisins. And ice cream. Popsicles. Pretty much anything sweet is a sure thing. Mama's girl.
She also loves the water. I have a fun post coming up of the girls playing outside. Stay tuned.