Jul 28, 2012

Athélie - our princess

The other morning Athélie woke me up (she pretty much always wakes me up) and she already had on multiple bracelets, necklaces, and a hairband. She declared she was a princess and asked me where was her princess dress. Very interesting. Someone must have told her about princesses.

Her favorite colors are yellow (still - she's liked yellow for a while now), pink and green. She'll tell anyone who will listen what her favorite colors are. She gives Stasiya all the purple, blue, and orange things saying those are Stasiya's favorite colors. We'll see about that. 

Another conversation we've been having lately is: Athélie will tell me "I not Athélie, I Taylee. I no like Athélie, I Taylee. I no Athélie Laurenne, I Taylee Laurenne." Over and over again. She is very adamant about it. It kind of makes me sad , because her name, Athélie, has such meaning behind it (God shall be exalted). Plus, Marc and I felt like God gave us her name even before she was conceived. And yes it is difficult to pronounce. And I have encouraged people to call her Taylee because it is easier, but I don't want to loose her real name. I am going to keep calling her Athélie, and hopefully she will grow out this stage. How does she have such an opinion already? She is not even 3 yet?
Athélie's been been saying lots of funny things lately. She likes to pretend that Stasiya is her puppy and she'll get a long ribbon and use it as a leash and "walk" her puppy. And Stasiya plays along and crawls on the floor. She'll call Stas - "Puppy" - "Puppy's awake" - so funny.

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