Jul 12, 2012

Mangos, Mangos, Mangos

Thanks to Mami (Marc's mom) Christmas in July arrived at our house this week in the form of an endless box of mangoes. Every year she sends us a box around Marc's birthday. And we always look forward to it and savor each and every one. Remember last year - Taylee was already eating the mango seeds like a pro.

We love mangos!

Thank you Mami!
Thank you Grandma!

We've already been thinking about all the ways we can eat a mango:
Mango Smoothie
Mango Salsa
Marco Mango Madness
Mango Ice Cream
Mango Mousse Cake
Mango Pudding
Mango Cocktail???
And probably the best way to eat it - Mango straight up.

The best part is Mami grows the mangos in her backyard in Florida. Along with avocados, papayas, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, beans, peppers, arugula and probably a lot of other things I am missing. She has a serious green thumb and I am always so impressed by her garden.

Here's two videos of the girls opening the box and Athélie counting all of them in French (super cute!):

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