Aug 28, 2012

Zoo Day in ABQ

Whenever we visit Albuquerque we always enjoy going to the zoo. They have a great zoo that is way bigger than ours here in G'ville. We have yet to walk the whole thing. This time was no exception. Plus it was super hot, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

Looking at the cats with Pappy.

Pappy, Mimi, Taylee, Uncle Joshua, Me, Aunt Tiffany holding Stasiya - going on a train ride.

Stasiya tried a pickle for the first time. She spit it out a few seconds later. Ha!

Cooling off with a frozen lemonade.

Taylee wore her "Happy Birthday" princess tiara.
We celebrated her birthday with Mimi & Pappy at the zoo.

Cute picture except for the people in the background.

Uncle Joshua - She actually let him hold her for a few seconds.

Athélie pointing at some birds. She also wore her yellow lei necklace too (along with the tiara).

Uncle Joshua & Aunt Tiffany. Stasiya was already squirming wanting down.

So when it was time to go, we stopped by the gift store for the girls to pick out some new lovies. Last time we were there they got a snugly polar bear and koala which were their favorites for a long time. We lost Koala in the airport on the way to Albuquerque which was quite tragic. So we kind of had to replace poor Koala. Once the girls got inside - they went a little wild. Way too much stimulation.

Trying on hats. Notice the stroller.: Snake and a Zebra being pushed around.
They didn't go home with either of those but after much indecision they left with another koala and polar bear. Thanks Mimi & Pappy! Now Taylee has a Mama polar bear and a Sissy polar bear. That' what she told me.

One more thing: Stasiya loves elephants. I am almost positive of that fact even though she can't say elephant and hasn't told me that specifically. But she kind of does an elephant noise every time she sees one. So cute!

We got to see 5 elephants while at the zoo including 1 baby elephant. And one of the elephants was doing tricks with her trainer while we watched. So fun!

So when we saw these elephant ears at the store, we just had to put them on her. She was so excited she would not/could not stand still long enough to have her picture taken. Thus the action shots:

So funny huh!?

Aug 27, 2012

Happy 18th Month Birthday Stasiya

Stasiya turned 18 months almost 2 weeks ago - I'm way behind on this post. She's had lots of adventures this past month. The biggest thing she's done...started talking! It is so much fun to hear her words. She has so many. She repeats so much, but rarely will say it again if you ask. Her favorite words are Mama, Daddy, Sissy, Lala (her lolly/paci/binky).

Another biggie...she's been climbing out of her bed for a while now. It is fun to see her and Athélie come out of their room in the mornings together. We'll have to get her a big girl bed soon so that she doesn't have to work so hard to get out of her bed.

She also flew on an airplane to see her Mimi, Pappy, Papa, Nana, Uncle Joshua & Aunt Tiffany. Plus she enjoyed playing with the pups too.

She didn't want to have her picture taken, or be still, or take out her lolly, so these pics aren't the greatest.

Her hair's grown. Can you tell? Her curls are getting bigger and fuller.

Aug 26, 2012

Backyard Fun in ABQ

The girls and I just back from spending two and a half weeks in Albuquerque, NM with my parents. They had so much fun and were quite spoiled and dotted upon while being with family. They especially loved my mom's backyard. They spent hours outside each day playing. My brother's dogs also helped add to the excitement. They loved playing with them - Oliver a chocolate lab and Ezra a chihuahua/poodle mix. Here's some pictures from their outdoor fun:

Pool Time

And bucket time:

Every night the girls helped Pappy feed the birds (fill up the bird feeders).

P.S. Stasiya got some cute pig tails on thanks to Aunt Tiff!

They also helped Mimi and Pappy water the plants.

And um...water herself. That's one wet diaper!

Played in the sand:

Drank water from the hose:

Played with the pups:

And played peek-a-boo with the American Flag aka "A Merry Flag"