Aug 27, 2012

Happy 18th Month Birthday Stasiya

Stasiya turned 18 months almost 2 weeks ago - I'm way behind on this post. She's had lots of adventures this past month. The biggest thing she's done...started talking! It is so much fun to hear her words. She has so many. She repeats so much, but rarely will say it again if you ask. Her favorite words are Mama, Daddy, Sissy, Lala (her lolly/paci/binky).

Another biggie...she's been climbing out of her bed for a while now. It is fun to see her and Athélie come out of their room in the mornings together. We'll have to get her a big girl bed soon so that she doesn't have to work so hard to get out of her bed.

She also flew on an airplane to see her Mimi, Pappy, Papa, Nana, Uncle Joshua & Aunt Tiffany. Plus she enjoyed playing with the pups too.

She didn't want to have her picture taken, or be still, or take out her lolly, so these pics aren't the greatest.

Her hair's grown. Can you tell? Her curls are getting bigger and fuller.

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  1. Stasiya, you are just a doll and so much fun.
    We loved having you here for a visit. We love you, Pappy and Mimi