Sep 19, 2012

Beach Vacation - part 5

This is the last of our vacation photos. I got some good pictures of the girls right before we left. We let them walk around and get some energy out before getting in the car for the drive back home. Here's the pics from our stroll:

Sep 17, 2012

Beach vacation - part 4

One day we drove 30 miles south to visit/explore Savannah, Georgia. We had never been there and had heard a lot about the city. We enjoyed walking around and seeing some sights. We ate some good food (not at Paula Deen's restaurant) and then cooled off with some homemade ice cream. The girls enjoyed sharing a scoop.

Look at all those curls!

Sep 16, 2012

Beach Vacation - part 3

One night we got dressed up and had a little photoshoot on the beach.
The girls would not pose, so they turned into action shots.

Sep 10, 2012

Sep 9, 2012

Beach Vacation - part I

Last week we went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - about a 4 hour drive from us. It is a beautiful island with a great beach (although not crystle clear blue water like other places). We had great weather and enjoyed lots of sunshine at the beach and pool, explored Savannah, Georgia one day, and got to do a lot of relaxing around the condo where we stayed.

I took lots of pictures while we were there so I'll do several posts this week to cover the highlights from the week. Hope you enjoy:

Pool Time

Fountain Time