Sep 8, 2012

Athelie turned 3!

Athélie turned 3 almost 2 weeks ago! It has been a whirlwind since getting back from Albuquerque, having her birthday party and then going to the beach for the week. We are finally back and ready to settle into our fall schedule. So after much anticipation and is her birthday post...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! 

By now, you know she is a girly girl. She loves anything that sparkles, glitters, is yellow, pink or green. She likes to wear tutus and be fancy. She loves accessories - headbands, bracelets, necklaces. She pretty much only wheres dresses or skirts. No shorts or pants. She is quite opinionated about how she likes things which is okay most days except for when Mom knows best and has to lay down the law. She is quite sensitive. She doesn't like loud noises. Or to play too rough and tough. Sometimes Stasiya is a little bit too aggressive for her taste. She loves to sit and read books, color (she is quite good already), do stickers, play on my nook, or do puzzles. She loves playing with stuffed animals, but not baby dolls. She loves music and loves to sing. She loves her "Sissy" (Stasiya) and is very sweet. She is a Daddy's girl. And a Mama's girl. If you can be both - she definitely is. She is very loving, careful, attentive, smart, and has the sweetest voice I've ever heard. We love Taylee! I'm excited to see what this next year will bring in her life.

She actually had two birthday parties in Albuquerque plus another mini celebration the day of. And one BIG party here in Greenville with her girlfriends. She was VERY celebrated. She loved all the "happy birthday" songs, blowing out candles, presents, and cupcakes she got!

We had a pool party that Papa & Nana (my Dad and step-mom) threw for her at their house complete with swimming, and water games, cupcakes, pups, lots of presents, Aunt and Uncle, and good food. It was a fun filled day. 

We also celebrated by going to the zoo with Mimi & Pappy (my mom and step-dad) and Uncle Joshua and Aunt Tifanny. Later that day we opened presents and had a yummy yellow and green cake.

Of course Tay had a yellow, pink and green birthday party here in G'ville. I had fun making decorations for the party. Here is the dessert table from left to right: party favors (little mason jars wrapped in ribbon, filled with lemonade mix, and topped with tissue paper flower), homemade ice sugar cookies, homemade pineapple upside cake (thanks to Marc), homemade cupcakes, yellow lemonade, pink lemonade, and then the cups, plates, etc. So fun huh? I wrapped an old canvas in wrapping paper to create some "art". Plus made circles hung on a dowl from yarn as my backdrop.

The girls were both tired for the party. Stasiya napped most of the time and this was the only pic I got of the two together.

Fun deck decorations - it was hot though!

We enjoyed a taco/New Mexican inspired lunch on the deck. Athelie asked for her favorite - rice and beans. And we served grilled cheese quesadillas and shredded beef to go with it. Thanks to Marc for cooking!

She woke up just in time for lunch.

Here's all the littles minus the babies. All girls and 1 boy!


big smile

Number 3

family pic

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