Oct 28, 2012

Stasiya is 20 months old

She's been busy busy these days, keeping up with her big sister. She has such a funny little personality. Her new nickname is "one shoe stas" - since she likes to where just one of her shoes at a time. She's content to let the other foot go bare. Funny girl.

And she has the biggest smile ever!

And now that she is paci free - she likes to play with her tongue. Here she is twisting it in her mouth. 

And here she is dancing. Marc thinks she needs to give me some dancing lessons. Ha!
(Also the link in case it doesn't work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK2iDpBqTD4&feature=share&list=UU5ygoSlZmAabyZDsnoTAU6w)

Telling Stories

Athelie has the cutest little voice. She likes to play pretend school. Here she is pretending to be the teacher and telling us some stories.

Here's the link to the video if it doesn't pop up in the post (I've been having a bit of trouble with it for some reason): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NozaLWOEpY&feature=share&list=UU5ygoSlZmAabyZDsnoTAU6w

Oct 7, 2012

GE Family Fun Day

Yesterday we got to take a tour of GE and see where Marc works. They put on a HUGE carnival for all their employees with lots of food, games, rides and music. The girls had tons of fun.


Riding a train


Going down a big inflatable slide with Daddy.

Going through an obstacle course. This little boy was trying to get out - he was too scared to go through. But both of the girls LOVED IT. They did it over and over again. Stasiya was by far the youngest one doing it.


Daddy - he's so dreamy.

Waiting in line for the merry-go-round. Athelie made a friend.


Riding the merry-go-round

Eating their first snow cones.

And that curl. Do you see it?

P.S. The snow cone ended up ALL over Stasiya. She was a hot mess and got a sink bath as soon as we got home. Can you imagine?

Oct 2, 2012

Painting with Brushes

I've done several painting posts of the girls over the years. Athelie got some new paints and paint brushes for her birthday, so we pulled them out a few days ago. This was the first time that Stasiya really got into painting. They enjoyed using the brushes where before they were only using their fingers. They are getting more sophisticated. Or maybe just growing up a bit. Anyways, I was way proud that they were being little artists. I love how they create. It is very effortless and natural for them. Next time I sit in front of a blank canvas, I want to paint like them.

Telling Jokes

Pardon the food in our mouths while we eat. We are having fun.

And those curls

I didn't edit this picture because of Stasiya's face - laughing at Athelie. Priceless.

It's officially fall! We went apple pickin'

Riding in a wagon

Mmmm - that's a good apple
Riding on Daddy's shoulders

The orchards were on top of a mountain with a pretty view of the Smokies.

yummy apple kisses

And since it's the fall...of course we were wearing our colors. Gator colors that is. 

 Obviously this outing was before Lala disappeared.