Oct 2, 2012

19 Months Old - Anastasiya

Happy 19 Months Birthday Stasiya!

Yes I am way late again posting this post. But its always better to be late than never, right? So, in summary the biggest news is...Stasiya has gone almost 2 weeks WITHOUT a paci/lolly/lala. I'm way excited about this although she has started putting multiple fingers in her mouth. 
Exhibit A:
I'm kind of miss hearing her saying/asking for Lala. It was pretty cute and pitiful too at times to hear her ask for it. How did we get rid of the Lolly, you might ask? Well, we had approximately 5 different lollies around the house and... they all disappeared. I'm pretty sure the last one disappeared during a Whole Foods grocery shopping trip. So...I told Stasiya. "Sorry, the lollies are all gone. No more lollies." And that was that. She's only asked for Lala a few times since then. Maybe because she doesn't have a paci in her mouth all the time now she has started babbling more. It is so fun hearing her talk and talk and talk but not say a thing. Her little voice is super cute.

Athelie wanted to have her picture taken too. Here she is hugging/choking Stasiya.  
Yep, that's some big hair.

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