Oct 7, 2012

GE Family Fun Day

Yesterday we got to take a tour of GE and see where Marc works. They put on a HUGE carnival for all their employees with lots of food, games, rides and music. The girls had tons of fun.


Riding a train


Going down a big inflatable slide with Daddy.

Going through an obstacle course. This little boy was trying to get out - he was too scared to go through. But both of the girls LOVED IT. They did it over and over again. Stasiya was by far the youngest one doing it.


Daddy - he's so dreamy.

Waiting in line for the merry-go-round. Athelie made a friend.


Riding the merry-go-round

Eating their first snow cones.

And that curl. Do you see it?

P.S. The snow cone ended up ALL over Stasiya. She was a hot mess and got a sink bath as soon as we got home. Can you imagine?

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