Nov 5, 2012

Gymnastics Days

The girls have been taking a gymnastics class this fall. They love going - they've even brought their tricks home to show off with headstands, tall stretches, and forward rolls (yep, Athelie can do one all my herself!)  Stasiya is in a mom-and-tot class while Taylee is in class with other kids her age. It is during the same time which is both good and bad. Good that we don't have to spend 2 hours there. Bad that I don't get to just watch her - I'm keeping up with Stasiya the majority of the time.

Well, for Halloween each year they have a costume parade before their preschool class. So, the girls got to dress up and show off. Stasiya was a lion. And Taylee was a fairy. Really - she looked like she does every other day with wings. She get's a lot of use out of her tutu. While I had my camera on, I got to take some pics of Stasiya during class, which was fun.

Cutest little lion I've ever seen.

holding hands

Stasiya with her teacher and some of her class

circle time = warm up

patiently waiting in line

jumping on the trampoline - her favorite thing!

this face

And one of Athelie - waiting her turn to hang on the bar.

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