Nov 20, 2012

Happy 21 Months Birthday Stasiya!

Ha! That is a mouth full. Almost done documenting her 1st two years with monthly birthdays...wearing the same outfit each month. I hope you have enjoyed seeing her grow. It is fun looking at how she changes and grows so much every month.
"Cheese" - That's what she says when I take pictures. And she scrunches her nose whenever she smiles really big. Super cute! I love that little scrunched nose!

Sisters. Plus - that look Stasiya is giving. She's learning some new looks these day.

Her shirt is getting too small for her. It doesn't even fit over her big belly!

She is starting to say more words these days. Plus...this is one of my favorite things she does - when she wants you to listen and understand what she is saying, she gets right in your face, holds your face with both of her little hands, looks you in the eye, and tells you. She wants you to pay attention to what she is saying. Yesterday she did this after we got home from the Atlanta Zoo (look for pictures from our trip on the blog tomorrow). She wanted me to know her favorite part of the day was the elephant and the train. She can't say the word train yet, so instead she told me "choo choo" with little arm motions. So cute! Love it! And she really likes elephants. Especially the "Elephant" song from Barney. I'm thinking about throwing her a Valentine Heart/Elephant birthday party in February.

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