Dec 18, 2012

22 Months

Stasiya is 22 months old. Can't believe she will be two in just two more months. This month she started talking! She has a cute little voice that I love to hear. She says no. No is one of the sweetest words coming out of her mouth - I love it! Just the way she pronounces it, with her lips pursed together. She also says baby. And bye bye. And she is even starting to put two words together by saying: "baby-baby-baby-bye-bye-bye". Yep, in 3's. Athelie has caught on to this and has started mimicking her. She also changed from saying Mama to Mammy when she is upset. And Daddy instead of Dada like she had been saying for a while. She says "cat-cat" or "catty" for kitty cat. Pup-pup or puppeeeeeey for dog/puppy. She says Jesus. Yep. She stills calls Athelie "Sissy". Poor thing can't say her own name yet, but she's working on it. It sounds kind of like "Sis-sis". She can sing (without words, I guess that would be called humming then) the Gator fight song. She also can sing some other songs like Gloria (Christmas song) and Wheels on the Bus. She is funny too. We still call her "one shoe Stas" since most of the time she walks around with just one shoe or sock on. Plus, when she does gymnastics, she sticks out her tongue like Michael Jordan. Marc was making fun of her tonight doing safety stops with his tongue out. Hilarious. She is one funny cookie. And I'm totallly in love with her. Can't get enough baby kisses from her.

P.S. She is also a snuggle bug - one of the best. She will cuddle for long moments which I cherish every single one.

Athelie got in on the photoshoot too.

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  1. How precious my girls are. I love you so. mimi