Dec 12, 2012

A little job

Did you know...I have a little job - kind of. I've been shadowing a lady from my church who is an Interior Designer and owns her own company. She partners with her husband who is an architect and together they make an amazing team. Their business is growing and they are getting busier. She needed some help and so...I came into the picture.

I've been meeting up with her on Thursdays, when the girls are at P.D.O. (Parents Day Out program at a local church). Mostly I'm just learning the business right now. She's given me tours of a couple of homes they recently finished. One multi-million dollar home in The Cliff's, a luxury community outside of Greenville, and a really cool urban condo overlooking downtown right on Main Street. Both were AH-MAZ-ING.

She recently launched her new website: Inspiro 8 Studios which I helped set up. Please check out their work on the "Selected Works" tab - so gorgeous. They really get into all the nitty gritty details and design everything from stair rails to the furniture that goes in a space. Plus, you can read my bio which is quite entertaining under the "team" tab. Ha!

I've also been helping them create a presence in the social media sphere - facebook, pinterest, and their blog. Getting their name out there and helping them build a business face in the community. 

After braining storming ideas for a name we decided on calling our blog The Creative Salad. You can read the full story and meaning behind it here. I set up the blog and designed the header (with lots of feedback from Rebecca - didn't it turn out so pretty!?) and I've been blogging a few times a week on it. I hope that you will follow along. Mostly the topics are design related but some will include food/recipes, travel, outdoors, and Greenville. It has been a lot of fun coming up with different blog topics each day - definitely a good challenge.

I think there is a lot of possibility working with Mitch and Rebecca. I definitely feel like God put us together at the right time. So far it has been a blessing to each of us. I've got business cards that say: Alysia Benjamin, Interior Designer, which intimidates me just a little. But I feel like the sky's the limit as far as what I learn from them and what I'm able to do with them and for them in their business.

And now, for a few quotes:



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  1. I am thankful too. So happy for you and am very proud of you. I know this is just the begining of something great. Much love, mom