Jan 24, 2013

23 Months!

Stasiya turned 23 months old last week! One more month to go until she is 2 years old. Can't believe it! She is such a fun beautiful sweet little girl. She is talking a lot and saying a new word everyday. Of course she is full of energy and always into something. She impressed all of us this past week at gymnastics because she is SO athletic! Seriously.

She got a ponytail on for these pics.

I'm busy planning her birthday party. It is going to be elephant/valentine themed. With only pink and red decor. I'm excited to throw her a fun party. 

Jan 7, 2013

Baby Reading

Athelie is actually reading here. She was finding all times it says "God" on this page.

Jan 6, 2013

Christmas with Mimi & Pappy

My mom and step-dad came to visit us for Christmas. We enjoyed having family in town and creating lots of memories with them. The girls had a great time and got spoiled with all the love and attention from them.

Pretty Poinsetta Tree at the G'ville airport

These pictures are on their way to my mom today as it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with you guys this year.

Jan 3, 2013

T is for Trouble

Not Taylee...but this one:

left alone...she will do crazy things like this:

P.S. the walls in my staircase look a lot like her arm. Plus, their pretty pink bathroom got some added color when she took non-washable marker to the walls, baseboards, and stools this week. Can't leave her alone with any writing material!!!

Jan 2, 2013


After Christmas we took the girls to the mall, armed with their piggy banks, and headed to Build-a-Bear. They each got to pick out their own stuffed animal and then after "creating" it, got to give it a bath, dress it, and name it. The girls had SO much fun. They loved finding the perfect new lovie. The best part - they used their piggy bank money to buy it!

Of course Athelie picked out the most colorful bear - a rainbow one. And Stasiya picked out a blue bunny. Both of them were too cute. They named them "Ali" and "Sally". Athelie also picked out a pink tutu, ballet slippers, and a pink sparkely ruffle top for her bear.





Christmas Morning

*hint - click on the picture to make it bigger

And now for a video:

The girls got a lot of dress up clothes.


And a puppy (fake one!) and musical instruments. 
It's going to be one big party around our house now.




Christmas Sisters

Watching White Christmas has become a Christmas tradition at our house. I particularly love this "Sisters" song. 

Here are our sisters:

Matching pajamas!