Feb 17, 2013


So a freak snowstorm hit Greenville yesterday, hours before Stasiya's birthday party, causing us to cancel it. Instead, Stas got to experience snow for the first time. She didn't know quite what to think about all the white stuff.

I think Athelie enjoyed the snow more.

So we celebrated Stasiya's birthday much differently than planned. Here's a few pics of the party table that never was...



I made a homemade cake, cupcakes, and cookies plus we had tons of food too that we will either return or given away. Instead, we drank hot chocolate, colored elephant pictures, watched movies, snuggled, made homemade pizza, and enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream and sang happy birthday to our birthday girl. 

Love that big grin on her face.

They both ate all their cupcakes and ice cream and were super hyped up afterwards, wanting to run around the house like little crazy people and wrestle and flip and go wild.

So next year...I'm ready to go. Favors are made. Decorations are done. Hopefully, she'll be thoroughly celebrated. 

Feb 16, 2013

2 Years Old! Happy Birthday Anastasiya!

Hope you enjoyed all my monthly pictures. Whew! I'm done with that business.

She's 2 years old! So hard to believe how fast time has flown by! She is the funnest girl (yep funnest - I know that is not really a word, but I'm still using it). She has a great little personality. Full of life. True to the meaning of her name. She does the funniest little things. And her older sister watches and copies her many times. She is super athletic and active. And has started talking and repeating every thing. She's says "pease" all the time whenever she asks for anything - super sweet! I'm so excited to see her little personality unfolding. She is so tender and sweet, still a little snuggle bug, but also Destructor - seriously - she is rough and tough and will throw down and wrestle and is one strong little munchkin. She's learned early on to pick out her clothes and tries to get herself dressed and really likes tutus and putting on her shoes. I still haven't figured out what her favorite colors are. She likes to wear this headband in these pictures, but doesn't like bows particularly - that's what I know.

P.S. She's chewing gum in the picture above (you can see it in her mouth) it's her new favorite thing.

Pretty Girl

Here's a couple of video's of her. I was trying to get her to talk to me, but she was too busy eating a chocolate chip cookie. Ignore Marc and his comments at the end of the first video. Sorry to our friends! He has no filter. Ha!

Feb 14, 2013

One more Valentine's post

A good one ...made me smile.

from Small Fry

Happy Valentine's Day

A little bit of heart fun

Athelie's Valentine's to her little PDO class.

Craft time with the girlies 
(their hand sizes are not exact - way too big - they wouldn't be still while I traced their hands!)

I went ahead and decorated the house with all of the Valentine/Stasiya's birthday decorations today. The house is looking very festive and heartsy.

Pink & Red Wreath

Heart Garland


Valentine Baby

Feb 12, 2013

To all the Dad's out there - good things to remember when raising Daughters

I read this article today (posted by a friend on facebook) and am copying and pasting it into this blog post so that as Marc and I raise our girls, we will remember to do these things.

From Daniel Darling

5 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear From Her Dad

I’m a father of four beautiful children, three of whom are girls. My oldest daughter is eight years old and with each passing year since her birth, I’ve become more conservative when it comes to all things that pertain to my girls. I’m not a gun enthusiast, but I could be if it meant standing at the porch waiting for the first guy who dares to ask one of my daughters on a date.
Seriously though, I love having daughters. There is something about having a daughter that softens a man, adds a certain tenderness to his soul. In that spirit, I’d like to share five things every daughter needs to hear from her father:
1) You are beautiful and you are loved. This is something you should tell your daughter at least once a day and probably more than that. Telling her once every so often doesn’t cut it. I’m no psychologist, but daughters who know their father loves them grow up with more confidence and tend to avoid looking for love in all the wrong places. Hearing she is beautiful is oxygen for your daughter’s soul. So do it often, in different and creative ways.
2) Your mother is beautiful and she is loved. The best gift you can give your daughter is to show her how a man treats a woman. Let her see modeled in you, however imperfectly, the God-given love between a man and a woman. Tell your wife daily that she is beautiful, that you love her, and that you are glad you married her. Tell her you are committed to her for life. And say these things, periodically, in front of your children.
3) You belong to God and were created for his glory. Girls frequently battles insecurity over a number of issues: their weight, their looks, their friends. Maybe sometimes they feel unimportant or unwanted, even in a home with love. This is why you, as a father, should remind them often that they are special creations formed lovingly by the Creator in His image. You should read with them the words of David, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” from Psalm 139. That passage should be well-worn in your Bible and something internalized by your daughters for moments of doubt.
4) You are forgiven. Your girls will mess up. They will sin. They will disappoint you. And if you don’t have the good news of the gospel at the center of your family, she may grow up wondering how to measure up or what to do with her sins. Evangelize your daughter and then disciple her. Train in her in the vital Christian practice of repentance and forgiveness. Repentance for her sin and forgiveness of others’ sins. Let her know that Christ is always ready with fresh supplies of grace. Let her know that she must apply that grace not only to herself, but toward others who will wound her.
5) You are accepted. Whatever you do, don’t let your daughter consume the poison of the culture which measures a woman’s worth by her independence, by her ability to give away freely her purity. Don’t for a moment let her swallow the lie that sexual license is anything but a bondage of the worst kind, the enemy’s way of stealing the creativity and beauty and purpose for which she was created. Teach her what to look for in a man (hint: not the slackers you see on TV). Also: be that man so she knows what it looks like. Make her aware of the beautiful image of womanhood painted by the Creator. Her acceptance, her sense of self, her worth are bound up in her unique calling as God’s daughter.
*Next week I’ll share a similar list for fathers and their sons.

Feb 4, 2013

Today we...


The girls "sewed" beads while I sewed hearts. (Getting ready for Stasiya's birthday party - making a garland.) Also, I love crafting with the girls. It is so much fun making things together at the same time with them.


We had a dance party - which means tutus, crowns, headbands, and Minnie Mouse ears.

And some fancy shoes and necklaces and butterfly wings on.

And sunglasses.


Meet "Princess Minnie" and "Princess Daisy" - daisy? get it?

And then we had an animal picnic. 


And then...

Stasiya danced around with just her diaper and boots on.

P.S. Yep - that's marker all over her face.

Feb 3, 2013

A Random January Recap

Stasiya got her hair done a lot this month. Piggy tails.

Lions Mane.

Curly-Q right on top.

Aunt Lunise came to visit us for a week.

The girls had lots of fun playing with her.

We helped her celebrate her 22nd birthday.

One the left you can see what happens when both girls sit in your lap at the same time - your face gets buried in some big hair and it's hard to see out. And on the right - Stasiya wants that cake. See her staring at that bite? She is one chocolate/sugar loving baby.

Her friend Lynn drove down from North Caroline to see her too.


Twins?? They look alike, don't they.

Even in the winter Falls Park is beautiful. And I learned how to take panormatic pictures on my phone. Score!




We went out to eat for Lunise's birthday and the girls both used chopsticks for the first time. Athelie was a pro! Proud Mama.

Walking downtown on a cold winter day.

Funny Faces after warming up with some "hot chocolate tea"

Mr. Good Looking wearing my sunglasses.



Picking Flowers

Picking Berries