Feb 16, 2013

2 Years Old! Happy Birthday Anastasiya!

Hope you enjoyed all my monthly pictures. Whew! I'm done with that business.

She's 2 years old! So hard to believe how fast time has flown by! She is the funnest girl (yep funnest - I know that is not really a word, but I'm still using it). She has a great little personality. Full of life. True to the meaning of her name. She does the funniest little things. And her older sister watches and copies her many times. She is super athletic and active. And has started talking and repeating every thing. She's says "pease" all the time whenever she asks for anything - super sweet! I'm so excited to see her little personality unfolding. She is so tender and sweet, still a little snuggle bug, but also Destructor - seriously - she is rough and tough and will throw down and wrestle and is one strong little munchkin. She's learned early on to pick out her clothes and tries to get herself dressed and really likes tutus and putting on her shoes. I still haven't figured out what her favorite colors are. She likes to wear this headband in these pictures, but doesn't like bows particularly - that's what I know.

P.S. She's chewing gum in the picture above (you can see it in her mouth) it's her new favorite thing.

Pretty Girl

Here's a couple of video's of her. I was trying to get her to talk to me, but she was too busy eating a chocolate chip cookie. Ignore Marc and his comments at the end of the first video. Sorry to our friends! He has no filter. Ha!

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