Feb 3, 2013

A Random January Recap

Stasiya got her hair done a lot this month. Piggy tails.

Lions Mane.

Curly-Q right on top.

Aunt Lunise came to visit us for a week.

The girls had lots of fun playing with her.

We helped her celebrate her 22nd birthday.

One the left you can see what happens when both girls sit in your lap at the same time - your face gets buried in some big hair and it's hard to see out. And on the right - Stasiya wants that cake. See her staring at that bite? She is one chocolate/sugar loving baby.

Her friend Lynn drove down from North Caroline to see her too.


Twins?? They look alike, don't they.

Even in the winter Falls Park is beautiful. And I learned how to take panormatic pictures on my phone. Score!




We went out to eat for Lunise's birthday and the girls both used chopsticks for the first time. Athelie was a pro! Proud Mama.

Walking downtown on a cold winter day.

Funny Faces after warming up with some "hot chocolate tea"

Mr. Good Looking wearing my sunglasses.



Picking Flowers

Picking Berries

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