Feb 17, 2013


So a freak snowstorm hit Greenville yesterday, hours before Stasiya's birthday party, causing us to cancel it. Instead, Stas got to experience snow for the first time. She didn't know quite what to think about all the white stuff.

I think Athelie enjoyed the snow more.

So we celebrated Stasiya's birthday much differently than planned. Here's a few pics of the party table that never was...



I made a homemade cake, cupcakes, and cookies plus we had tons of food too that we will either return or given away. Instead, we drank hot chocolate, colored elephant pictures, watched movies, snuggled, made homemade pizza, and enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream and sang happy birthday to our birthday girl. 

Love that big grin on her face.

They both ate all their cupcakes and ice cream and were super hyped up afterwards, wanting to run around the house like little crazy people and wrestle and flip and go wild.

So next year...I'm ready to go. Favors are made. Decorations are done. Hopefully, she'll be thoroughly celebrated. 

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