Mar 31, 2013


We have had a full weekend celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection. Friday night we hosted our annual Good Friday dinner with friends. Marc cooked an amazing meal that included a leg of lamb.

Saturday we watched The Passion of the Christ. Have you seen it? It had been a number of years since I watched it. Now I know why. It is hard to watch. Hard to see Christ's pain and suffering. Knowing He did that for me. Knowing he loves me that much. Totally recommend watching that movie yearly and visibly remembering his sacrifice.

Sunday morning I woke up with this song in my head - 

And then we went to church and celebrated Jesus's victory.

I'm after Your heart, why should I be still
When the worship starts Lord
I'm so in love with You
What can man do,can't hold me back anymore

You spin over me,and You are pleased when
I spend myself on You
I'm gonna let go now, really worship
Letting my dance come forth

Let the spirit move You
Holy Spirit in You

Turned my mourning into dancing
My heart is overjoyed

I will praise You
You healed my body and You made me new
My heart is overjoyed,I will dance for You
Gave me love that broke down fear
My heart is full of joy,I will sing to You
My heart is full of joy,I will praise
I will dance, I will sing for You.

Seriously - it was a party.

The girls wore pretty matching green and purple dresses thanks to Grandma and Grandpa (Marc's parents).

And we had an Easter egg hunt after nap time.

Tonight we plan to make brunch food for dinner. Since that is one of my favorite types of meals and we never have breakfast for dinner, I am super excited about it. I love making traditions with our little family. I think that might be another Easter weekend tradition.

Mar 24, 2013

Her Favorite Colors

These are her favorite colors. Pink. Aqua. Purple. Yellow. These hues, carefully chosen by her. She always says she likes "shiny" colors, which I did not know what that meant but have now finally figured out she is talking about pastels. Glad to know. She was quite colorful today and her hair was looking exceptional. So of course we had to have a photo-op.

Mar 18, 2013


This girl likes anything to do with lips - lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick, etc. She wants some.

Mar 15, 2013

A little photoshoot

I had to bribe the girls with suckers to get them to let me take pictures of them - ha! Stasiya was sleeping during Taylee's photoshoot and then woke up just in time to get in on the action. She was sick and not feeling good so I wasn't able to get as many pics of her.