May 30, 2013

Gymnastics Girls

So the girls have been doing gymnastics for the past year. And they have done great! They've really enjoyed it and looked forward to going each week. They finished up their semester with an award ceremony this past week and each got medals. Taylee will be moving up to the next level in the fall. Both their teachers said that they have a lot of natural talent and can't wait to see what kind of gymnast they will be in the future. Here's some pics from their classes (not the greatest pics though!)

That's a BIG smile!



Lined up. Listening to instruction. Waiting patiently. Major score for 2 year olds!!



Walking on the beam

Handstand (with her diaper stickin out!)

Climbing all the way to the top of the ladder

Little monkey girl on her way down

Jumping into the foam pit with her friend

Usually I am with Stasiya in her class as it's a Mom and Tot class for kids under 3. Because of that I don't get to watch Taylee as much. So the last day of class Marc came to take my place in Stasiya's class so that I could watch Taylee's. Stas was NOT happy about that. But I was happy to finally get a chance to watch Tay. 

Circle time. (Her class was much smaller. 5 kids in all. 3 boys. 2 girls.)

I took a couple of videos of her too.

Towards the end, you can see her really thinking about what she has to do next. Following instructions is huge at this age!

The other night at the park she started doing forward rolls all the way down the hill. It reminded me of myself doing gymnastics tricks any chance I got when I was a little girl. So of course I had to take a video to share with my parents. It reminded them of me too. ;-)

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