Jun 16, 2013

Father's Day

Superman Daddy. He's the best. We like him a lot. He does SO MUCH around the house to take care of (all) of us. He really goes way above and beyond any other Dad I know out there. I am so grateful and thankful that he is my partner in this life and that we can parent our girls together. We make a great team. He is an amazing husband and father to our girls. They adore him. This past week he traveled to Boston for work and the girls were super sad without him around. They cheered and clapped and jumped into his arms the minute he arrived home. Seriously. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Plus, he is their personal wrestling and jumping and horsey machine. They play rough and tough with him. I definitely don't let them do that with me. Happy Father's Day to Marco-Polo-Toto! We love you!

These two love their Daddy.

Remember the quiz I gave Athelie for Mother's Day? Well, I decided to give the same one to her for Daddy.

What is your daddy’s name?

How tall is he?

What is he favorite hobby? 
Play tennis

What is his favorite tv show?

How much does he weigh? 

How old is he?

What is he favorite thing to eat?
Pasta noodles

What does he cook?

Where does he like to go?
Tennis court

What does he do around the house?
clean up

What is he favorite drink?

Where does he work?

 (She's been on the number "60" kick lately. Also, she said we both like to "clean up" around the house - ha! I guess we both like a clean house.)

And here's a couple of Happy Father's Day songs to our Dad's who we couldn't' be with today. Happy Father's Day to Pappy, Papa, and Grandpa from Tay and Stas!! We love you and miss you!

Here's the link to in case it doesn't work.

And one more song and the Link: