Jul 2, 2013

Grandma & Grandpa

Last week Grandma and Grandpa (Marc's mom and dad) came to visit us from Florida. We helped Marie celebrate her 60th birthday! Lunise (Marc's sister) was also in and out so we had a full house for the week. The girls really enjoyed spending time with them and had lots of fun each day playing with them. Here's some pics of their visit.

They shared some food.

"I love you Grandma"

Got lots of bows in their hair.

They got their hair done.

While I brushed Taylee's hair out, Marie braided it. With us both working together at the same time it still took us an hour! Whew! That girl has a lot of curly hair!



We also had (another) little photoshoot on Marie's birthday. She had a special colorful skirt she wanted to wear and the girls got dressed up with extra accessories aka necklaces and headbands and pretty dresses too.

For her birthday dinner we had an international meal: grilled plantains (Haitian), pesto green beans (italian), curry chicken (indian), and chocolate gataeu (french cake). Everything tasted amazing thanks to Marco Polo Toto's amazing cooking skills.


I caught the tail end of Taylee's happy birthday song to Grandma.

Afterwards, we had a little dance party to some Haitian music.

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