Jul 5, 2013

June Recap

Here's a little look at our summer so far.

Stasiya playing pretend with her purse and phone. And falling asleep in the shopping cart at Walmart.

Look where I found her.

And look what she found? That big smile = LOLLY'S!!!

A cupcake decorating birthday party BOTH girls were invited to. 

The birthday girl and one of Taylee's best friend's Lane.

Girl got her nails done and lips on and checking herself out in the mirror.

They took swim lessons for the month of June at the Y.

Enjoyed the day at a friend's pool (and riding in their golf cart too!)

Fell asleep (A LOT) in the car.

Twinsies for the day.

They got matching new princess dresses and shoes from Nana.

And with Father's Day & Grandma & Grandpa's visit - you are all caught up on our summer so far.

Oh yeah, one more thing...Taylee cut a big chunk of her hair.

It's actually not too obvious. But we've had to restrict the use of scissors and really emphasize the fact that "you only cut paper." P.S. We also found a chunk of Stasiya's hair too. (I think it came from the back of her hair (Taylee cut it). I never could tell where exactly it got cut.) Ha!

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