Aug 8, 2013

Scenes from this Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend (this post is a little late!) celebrating Marc's birthday. We drove down to Atlanta for the day to go to the Georgia Aquarium and the Cheesecake Factory. We timed it perfectly so that the girls would nap in the car and be rested ready to go.

Here's a visual recap...

Her face. Looking up at the fish overhead in the tunnel.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Manta Ray

I kind of like my pics of the fish.

The giant whale shark.

On the way home...

Out in the car.

(Look how full her arms are!)

Sunday night the girls and I went to the funnest (I know that's not really a word, but hey it was!) birthday party.

Athelie was very brave and went down the giant water slide. It was super fast. All the kids were flying and going airborne. Thankfully one of the Dad's was at the bottom of the slide and caught her mid air.

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  1. Happy pictures! You guys are so photogenic!