Aug 19, 2013

Taylee's Princess Rainbow 4 Year Old Party

This past weekend we celebrated Athelie's birthday.  It was a rainbow princess celebration.

Remember my inspiration board? Well, the whole party turned out even better than I could have hoped for.

I thought it would be cute if all the kids came in their favorite rainbow color and Taylee was dressed in a white. A good friend gave us this white princess dress which was the perfect party dress for her to wear. Stasiya also looked exceptionally festive dressed in rainbow colors.

I tried to have rainbow themed food too. 

The menu looked like this:

Rainbow colored fruit skewers
Rainbow colored veggie platter
Cheese Puffs per Taylee's request
Green and Black olives because they are her favorite
Beet Salad with Blue Corn Chips
and homemade Mac & Cheese

It was actually cold and rainy. Shocking for August in South Carolina. So I set up tables inside for the kids to decorate gold crowns. They each got a baggie of jewels, stickers, and feathers to put on their crown. It was a big hit. All the kids had so much fun gluing things on.

We had a whole bunch of girls and only one boy. He was the "Prince" with all the "Princesses".

I was super nervous about making a layered rainbow cake. But it turned out great! Beautiful plus it tasted great too.

After the party - they got dressed up in their fancy new clothes.

In case you are wondering...yes I made everything. The wands. The giant number 4. The photobackdrop on the cake table. Plus, I didn't get a picture of the rainbow colored paint chip garlands I had handing in the entry way. It was quite festive.

I officially have a "party" box which I keep all my party supplies in. I try to reuse as much as possible and add a few things to it with each party. It's kind of fun being able to pick and choose what to use and to have options.

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