Nov 11, 2013

the CAT house

Today we went to the CAT house - or otherwise known as Creating Artists for Tomorrow. The most incredible place that I never knew existed until a few months ago even though I have driven by it almost every day and it is less that a mile from my house which never happens. (how's that for a run on sentence??) They offer a wide variety of art classes, camps, etc. for kids, which I can't wait to enroll Taylee in as she has specifically asked to go to "coloring and crafting school." My girl.

During the school year they have table time for toddlers/preschool aged kids in the mornings. Different stations are set up with different activities and crafts. It's almost like heaven for me except its a lot of work too. Anything goes. I love the freedom to create and just be without rules. Can I paint on the wall? Yes. Can I paint on the floors (hardwood floors mind you)? Yes. Can I paint the stairs and windows and doors and siding and trees and bushes and berries and any other available surface? Yes. Love. Also, both my girls enjoy going which is always an added bonus.

The end.

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