Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Recap

So here's a little Christmas recap from the month of December. We started counting down the days with our Advent Calendar which was a major success I would say. The girls loved opening the bags each morning. And we looked forward to our "activities" each day. I think we successfully took advantage of the Christmas season by keeping our Christmas traditions and making memories with the girls.

I didn't get pictures of everything we did. But here's some of the good ones.

The Christmas Parade

The Nutcracker

**The Nutcracker ended up being their favorite activity we did for the whole month.

Family Movie Night

We actually had a few family movie nights. We watched The Polar Express and Barbie Nutcracker. Fun times.
Stasiya enjoyed the hot chocolate.
All the lovies watched the movie too.

Festival of Trees

The girls standing behind their favorite tree.

And a couple of my favorite trees. A Winter Wonderland. And Wicked.

Baking/Decorating Sugar Cookies

 Because I don't make cookies very often. It ended up being a hot mess in my kitchen.

And I only got 5 ugly cookies the first time around.

After freezing my dough, they turned out much better.

The girls really enjoyed decorating them.

Drive around and see Christmas Lights

Here's a few little randoms...

Marc's funny end of the year work outfits.

Enjoying a sunny December day at the park.

A playdate

Decorate a Gingerbread House

Christmas Eve

All dressed up for Christmas Eve Service

Enjoyed a pretty little table.

The girls enjoyed opening up 1 present each - new pajamas.

Christmas Day

I would say they had a great Christmas!

Baby dolls, goldieblox, and dollhouses. Oh my!

We hope you had a very merry Christmas!

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