Jan 14, 2014

Moving on up - gymnastics time

The girls have been doing gymnastics for the past year and half. They both love it. Today marked a milestone for them. They each graduated to the next level. For Stasiya this means no more mom and tot class. She will now be in level 1 with some of her friends from her class. I'll have to/get to watch her from the observation room from now on. Even though I've been looking forward to this, it is a little bittersweet, knowing that this is an end of an era for us. And for Taylee - she will now be in level 3!! Woop woop! We are super proud of them and celebrated with them today by taking them out to lunch.

Here's a few pics from their class today.


belly rolls

upward facing dog

I was running between their classes trying to get a glimpse of Taylee since I don't get to watch her very often. She did great! Although I could tell she got a little nervous with me in the same room as her.

Skin the cat on rings - apparently a really hard trick to do

love seeing her little face while jumping - pure joy  (you can click on the image to enlarge it)

two little monkeys

Stasiya and her two friends - Sullivan and Eleanor

big jump

big jump

(My friend took these pics of the girls jumping and said "Stas was too fast for her to get a pic of." Yep.

Metal ceremony

funny little crooked smile

so proud

cutie little sisters

these four - they have fun together

3 amigos

and one more just for fun - Stasiya's face!!!

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