Aug 23, 2015

Athelie is 6!!

Yesterday Athelie turned 6! We have been celebrating her birthday the past 3 weeks! First with a night out watching the Cinderella play downtown. When my mom came to visit she spoiled Taylee with lots of birthday surprises. This weekend we kept it low key. After her first week of school all she wanted to do was stay home and play with her sister which was perfectly fine by me. We still managed to squeeze in a run to the grocery store for her to pick out a cake and made her favorite meal - rice and beans!! Happy Birthday sweet beautiful loving kind affectionate vibrant energetic joyful caring little lady.

We always love when Mimi comes to town.

Aug 8, 2015

A Cinderella Play

The girls and I went to see the Rogers & Hammerstein production of Cinderella this past week. Athelie decided (big girl decision) that she would rather see the play then have a birthday party this year. What?!? So, the girls and I got dressed up and we went to the play. But first we had a photoshoot.

My baby is almost 6 years old! Can't believe what a little lady she has become. 

And yes, Stas was in the photoshoot too, but this is the face I got during it.


Real smiles from both of them!

Jul 2, 2015

Girl's Room - Finished!!

So it only took me about a year to finish the girls room. Whew! I guess when you make almost everything in the room it can take a while. (That's my excuse anyhow.) I love the way it turned out. Such a bright happy place for my colorful girls. A happy compromise for all of us. The only thing left to get now is a rug.

Just finding the twin beds was an adventure in itself. I looked for them for the longest time. I knew I wanted cute, girly, matching twin beds but within budget which was so hard to find! These beds came all the way from Charleston. A sweet friend who happened to be there for a weekend bought them for me and hauled them all the way back to Greenville - so thankful for her! Then, finding matching bedding that was cute but not too girly/childish and within budget was another adventure in itself. ;-)

Not to toot my horn too much, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the work that went into this room. I made: the tassel garland, the canopy for the reading nook, the birth announcement posters for each girl, the letter T, the heart shaped yarn wall hanging. I painted the dresser and customized the hardware, painted the mirror, and took all the pictures of the girls and their room. Good thing I loved every second of it. Now, if only their room stayed this clean!

Kitchen renovation before and after

Even though we renovated our kitchen last year, I realized I never really took after pictures of the finished design. So here are the long over due pictures.

Before: (I did not clean up before taking these pictures, so ignore the clutter in these pics.)

And after: So bright and open. 

We love the way it turned out!

May 26, 2015

Kindergarten Celebration

Today Taylee's school celebrated their kindergarteners achievements. Instead of a graduation it was simply a celebration of their accomplishments and awards for the year. It was really sweet and very well decorated in a Oh The Places You Will Go theme from Dr. Seuss. Taylee got the Leadership Award for her class which, of course, made me super proud. She has had a great year. When asked who her best friend is in her class she says "all of them." She LOVES her teacher too and there have already been tears shed over school coming to a close. She has learned so much: from writing, to adding and subtracting, and to reading like a rock star! I have been amazed by how much she has grown this year. She is definitely a little lady now. She will tell you what she thinks and will talk to anyone too.

We love her!