May 26, 2015

Kindergarten Celebration

Today Taylee's school celebrated their kindergarteners achievements. Instead of a graduation it was simply a celebration of their accomplishments and awards for the year. It was really sweet and very well decorated in a Oh The Places You Will Go theme from Dr. Seuss. Taylee got the Leadership Award for her class which, of course, made me super proud. She has had a great year. When asked who her best friend is in her class she says "all of them." She LOVES her teacher too and there have already been tears shed over school coming to a close. She has learned so much: from writing, to adding and subtracting, and to reading like a rock star! I have been amazed by how much she has grown this year. She is definitely a little lady now. She will tell you what she thinks and will talk to anyone too.

We love her!

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