Jul 2, 2015

Girl's Room - Finished!!

So it only took me about a year to finish the girls room. Whew! I guess when you make almost everything in the room it can take a while. (That's my excuse anyhow.) I love the way it turned out. Such a bright happy place for my colorful girls. A happy compromise for all of us. The only thing left to get now is a rug.

Just finding the twin beds was an adventure in itself. I looked for them for the longest time. I knew I wanted cute, girly, matching twin beds but within budget which was so hard to find! These beds came all the way from Charleston. A sweet friend who happened to be there for a weekend bought them for me and hauled them all the way back to Greenville - so thankful for her! Then, finding matching bedding that was cute but not too girly/childish and within budget was another adventure in itself. ;-)

Not to toot my horn too much, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the work that went into this room. I made: the tassel garland, the canopy for the reading nook, the birth announcement posters for each girl, the letter T, the heart shaped yarn wall hanging. I painted the dresser and customized the hardware, painted the mirror, and took all the pictures of the girls and their room. Good thing I loved every second of it. Now, if only their room stayed this clean!

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